Fires Torched to Death a Citizen, President Urges Government to Take Situation Seriously in Albania

The loss of life of the citizen Andrea Haxhiaj in the area of ​​Gjirokastra, southern Albania, as a result of the ongoing blazes, is deeply saddening, said President Ilir Meta in his reaction to the serious situation created by the fires in Gjirokastra, where the first victim was recorded on Tuesday.

Albania has been engulfed by a lot of fires across its territory from South to North torching huge areas of forests and getting closer to inhabited centers causing fatalities and injuring people while the damages are huge.

Among other things, the Head of State called on the government and some ministers "to seriously engage with all emergency operational forces and available capacities, not by circumstantial means, to cope with this alarming situation, which has already spread in some regions of the country."

According to him, it is extremely urgent to organize more efficient air operations and take every effective measure to avoid any other loss of life, to come to the aid of citizens in need and to minimize the extremely serious consequences on public and private property.

"I reiterate the call to turn to the European Civil Protection Mechanism and any partner country that can help us as soon as possible," Meta said in a post on social networks carried by local media. /