Italian Prosecutor Says Albanian Mafia Is ‘Flourishing’ in Europe

"I have been saying for at least three years that there is a flourishing mafia in Europe, the Albanian one. Albania is a corrupt country, where it is easy to corrupt public officials. If I then leave Albania, already having economic power, I will be able to become stronger as an international mafia.”

This revelation was made by Nicola Gratteri, prosecutor of the Republic at the Court of Catanzaro in Italy during the talk show ‘La narrazione del Sud’ (The narration of South) an event organized by Fondazione Magna Grecia.

Prosecutor Gratteri warned and predicted international mafia movements, reshaping their strategies, but it takes time before you believe it.

"Now they know very well what is happening in the heart of Europe and they try to understand. They ask us what they should do," he said. "And when we told them what was happening in the Netherlands, that the mafia was buying everything that was for sale, why did they not listen to us? In these northern European countries, they are very jealous of privacy, but that does not help," said the Italian prosecutor.

"The Mafia has gone hunting to buy everything that is sold. It is more profitable to invest in affluent areas. The South American mafia, for example, invests in Europe instead of investing in its territory, because here it is more profitable," Gratteri said. /