Last Announcement: Afghans Have Crafts and Skills Suitable for Albania


Even though they have not yet arrived in Albania, circles close to Prime Minister Edi Rama are showing that the Afghans who are expected to come to this Balkan country are not people who are not qualified from a professional point of view. On top of all, they are even people who once worked in the ranks of the US Army, which have stayed in Afghanistan for 20 years since 2001. But the Americans were forced to leave that country in the face of Taliban opponents in an attempt to save their staff but also local collaborators. There seems probably to be arrangements for the Americans to leave unharmed.

The EU said on Wednesday that the Taliban have won the war and Brussels is ready to talk to the new Kabul government descended from the mountains. They are worried about the expected flood of refugees.

While in official Tirana there is 'enthusiasm' over the Afghan contingent that is expected to land in Rinas airport something put off on some occasions due to the chaotic situation in Kabul airport.

"They are people who have worked with the US military. They are people who have lived in harmony with the West. They have crafts, skills making them suitable for our societies," said a source close to Albania's prime minister speaking on local social networks on Wednesday.

Moreover, he clarified that they are not people who come directly from the mountains of Afghanistan and go down to Europe, and they do not find themselves like fish out of water.

When reading this message, it is clear to whom it is addressed even with hatred: those who have descended from the mountains of northern Albania. It seems to imply that they who have descended from the Albanian mountains should continue to leave Tirana, Durres, south as, according to his message, the Afghans who are coming have human qualities that make them more  suitable for this society.

He announces that even if the Afghans stay, Albania is not a society whose ethnic composition is endangered by their arrival.

The American journalist, Marwin Stone wrote three decades ago in the New York Times after seeing Albania before the fall of the dictatorship, that if Albanian borders are opened even the turtles would want to leave.

Okay, the Albanian 'turtles' continue to flee and the ethnic composition of this country is not supposedly endangered but as it's officially claimed the Afghans who can settle down in Albania are marked with 'services' in the American army and are people compatible with Westerners. They will apperently fill the population vacuum in this Balkan country along with the  Mujahideen, Syrians and other people from the troubled areas of the world. /