Lushnja in Shock after Mafia-Style Assassination as Albanians Fear Rising Crime Rate

Crime is playing havoc in Albania where dozens of people have been assassinated in Mafia style over the last months creating an atmosphere of terror across the country with most of the cases remaining without ‘author’.

The latest one happened in the city of Lushnja, central Albania, where Bledar Muço, the owner of the ‘Pedonale’ bar in downtown, was shot dead on Monday. A construction of the dynamic of the murder shows that a Golf type vehicle with Italian license plates approached close to the sidewalk of his bar where he was staying and an automatic volley of bullets was fired from inside the car, police announced.

The tragic balance sheet was 1 person killed and 5 others wounded. The 34-year-old lost his life on the spot. His brother-in-law Judin Velo, 32, who was at the same table, was also injured. The other injured are Sara Lici, Eskara Cauli, Majlinda Gjyla and Ervis Tafa, clients in the bar or bystanders as at 22:00 when the event took place there is overcrowding in this area.

The perpetrators, who according to witnesses were 2 masked persons, left quickly. About an hour later their car was found burned near the village of Thanasaj. Inside the car that is suspected to have been stolen some time ago in Vlora, the perpetrators had left 2 Kalashnikov rifles. This has led investigators to believe it was a premeditated assassination.

To catch the perpetrators, checkpoints were set up at the entrance and exit of the city of Lushnja by numerous police forces, who patrolled throughout the night, but to no avail.

Signs of what happened the night before are visible on Tuesday at the scene. Bullet holes and broken glass, and investigators are back there trying to gather as much evidence as possible to uncover the crime. A number of business security cameras have been seized.

Over 15 people were escorted to the Lushnja police station, generally eyewitnesses, who told about what they saw. Even the injured who are still in the hospital have given their testimonies. The victim was not involved in any crime, but the prosecution is investigating conflicts he may have had recently. /