Mandatory Vaccination for Students and Professors as Pandemic Spreads in Albania

Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated that vaccination for students and professors should be mandatory. During a visit to Student Residence No. 2 in Tirana on Thursday Rama said that students and faculty professors have a duty to protect others.
"The time will come when vaccination for students in the auditorium will be mandatory. Impossible to allow ourselves to have an unnecessary escalation of numbers of infections and go to measures that should never be reversed. Even with professors the same. There is no "I do not want," the professors who enter the auditorium and the students have a responsibility to protect others and the state has a duty to protect someone who is vaccinated from those who are not vaccinated," PM said.
According to him, they may not get vaccinated but they will stay out of the auditorium.
The moment may come when for some categories vaccines become mandatory, said Rama. He noted that the people who have such work or activities that is in contact with other people at close distances can not say they do not want to get the vaccination.
In the meantime Ministry of Health announced on Thursday that out of 6619 tests 888 new cases were found while 3 patients lost their life. /