Navalny' Case Used by West and US to Complicate Political Situation in Russia, Says Moscow's Embassy in Tirana

A day after the US Embassy in Tirana joined the call of the United States Mission to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to release from prison the alleged leader of the Russian opposition, Alexey Navalny, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Albania reacted on Tuesday. The Embassy gives its version to the Albanian public regarding the Navalni case in a post of FB.
In its response, it calls Alexei Navalny a "blogger", adding that he is by no means the leader of the opposition, does not represent any political party and does not serve as a "mirror" that reflects the aspirations of the multinational people of Russia.
After explaining the reasons of
Navalni's imprisonment for cheating, the Embassy said Western countries, including the US, continue to give A. Navalny reckless support, first and foremost, to shake up and complicate the internal political situation in Russia.
In the wake of the campaign launched by them, outright lies are being used against the Russian authorities, including provocation organized by Western special services over the alleged poisoning of Navalny with the so-called "Novichok".
"All this is unfortunate. and seems hopeless, testifies to their inability to give up arrogant futility and unwillingness to accept reality, knowing in advance that it is futile to put pressure on Russia as its response, as always, will be strict but adequate," cocluded the reaction of the Russian Embassy. /