New School Year Put Off under Pressure of Rapid Unexcepted Spread of Pandemic

The start of the new school year has been postponed from September 13 to September 27 2021. This decision was made public by the Education Minister, Evis Kushi on Friday. According to her announcement, the new academic schools year will start two weeks later than expected. to extend the period of supplementary education, which starts on September 1, 2021, local media quoted the minister as saying.

As regular classes will start on September 27, students who want to attend additional classes, which starts on September 1, are not required to go to school every day.

"We have decided that the new school year will not start on the 13th, but on the 27th of September and we have reflected this two-week postponement in the structure of the school year for all levels of pre-university education,” said Kushi.

But she clarified that the doors of the schools will be open from September 1 and teachers will be there on that date and during this time students are not required to go to school every day, unlike teachers and school staff.

“I assure you that as a minister, together with all structures, we will work maximally on all measures to guarantee a successful school year," said Kushi.

Such a measure is linked with the drastic and unexpected increase of the infections with the Delta variant and the ongoing vaccination as large number of people hesitate to get the jab.  But the daily reality is dim as the number of the new cases has exceeded the quote of 500 with the daily occurrence of fatalities.

Despite calls from the specialists to apply the restrictive measures, people in general are reluctant to abide by them accompanied by a reluctance of authorities to monitor the application of the measures. Now we witness that Albania has returned to zero point when people wearing masks are seen as UFOs. This is why epidemiologists predict a harsh autumn and an overload of the Covid hospitals, and say then people will realize that social distancing and masks are a must to check the spread of the virus. /