Pandemic of the Unvaccinated', Says Health Minister in Appeal for Massive Vaccination

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu focused her speech on the vaccination campaign, while emphasizing that those who are not vaccinated are being seriously endangered in the meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts on Monday. She claimed that the Delta variant is spreading at an alarming rate worldwide.

"The pandemic has left the term 'pandemic of the unvaccinated'. In COVID 1 (hospital) there are almost 100 hospitalized, 17 in intensive care. They are much less than in the region thanks to the speed with which Albania started vaccination. There are many, if we consider that we are in August. Anyone who has not been vaccinated yet is in serious danger," she said.

Another worrying fact, according to her, is that there are cases of severe forms of the disease among young people.

"Meanwhile, I repeat that regardless of age, for those few vaccinated citizens who have been affected by this new variant and have been hospitalized the vast majority of them, as doctors inform me, they have not shown danger to life as a result of the creation of immune protection from the vaccine ," said the minister.

Among other things, the Minister of Health said that September will be the second month open for vaccination, emphasizing that for some categories, vaccination will be mandatory.

Over 615,000 citizens have been vaccinated to date with two doses. Nearly 813,000 have received at least one dose. /