Point of view/ Luxurious Sheltering of Refugees, Servilism, Not Humanity

By Bledar Kuka

In a country where 500-600,000 pensioners live on 150-250,000 old leks per month, when hundreds of thousands of people receive monthly salaries from 200 to 400,000 leks to accommodate refugees in 5-star hotels at a 70 euro- per night  price (minimum) is servilism to hold the  power!

The man who does this, who has no problem breaking up with Kosovo to be a friend of (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vuçi does not feel sorry for the refugees at all as long as he does not feel sorry for the citizens of his country.

Had he not been asked by those who keep him in power, he would have left the Afghans at sea and in the air, as the extremists in Europe do!


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