Politicians Wish Albanians to Get Blessings from Bektashi Figure Abaz Ali

Albanian politicians of all colors congratulated the Bektashi believers on Sunday on the feast of Abaz Ali.

"Accepted prayers, good health, prosperity and happy hearts for all believers and pilgrims on the holy mountain of Tomorr. May Abaz Aliu help you and have the blessings of God!" said President Ilir Meta who as it is reported is there. Meta is a Bektashi believer.

"Peoples and nations need messages of joy and peace," said Socialist Speaker Gramoz Ruci.

"I greet and wish today hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, Bektashi believers, who for several days are climbing the Holy Mountain of Tomorr. Pilgrimage is a march of faith, devotion, love and sacrifice. It is not only for the Bektashis, but for all believers, for all Albanians," said Ruci.

In the meantime opposition Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha said

Tomorri Mountain is a source of peace, hope of harmony for all Albanians

Basha called on the authorities to facilitate the circulation of vehicles and to be vigilant for any health emergency.

"On the culminating day of the pilgrimage of thousands of Bektashi believers to the sacred Mount of Tomorr, I wish them a successful march, highly appreciating their sacrifice to strengthen the faith in God," said Basha./ argumentum.al