Second Mandate of Government Over, Rama Unveils New Cabinet to Be Announced Soon

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated in the closing speech of the second governing mandate on Wednesday that the work of an extremely difficult mandate closes with a positive note where the earthquake before and the pandemic after then dictated an unprecedented force to change the governing priorities.

Rama said that a new government will be announced next week. Socialist Party won the April 25 elections and it is getting ready to rule Albania in a third mandate as parliament will convene in early September.

Rama was proud to succeed with dedication and professionalism to the most difficult part of these two extreme challenges, the earthquake and the pandemic, which appear in the way of a government once in 100 years.

According to him, the way his government managed these two extraordinary crises will be one of its indelible traces in the not at all easy governing history of these 30 years.

The head of government said that guaranteeing mass vaccination and a long professional and qualitative vaccination campaign have made the shock which is taking the form of the third wave through the Delta variant of the coronavirus to be generally moderate. “Unfortunately, we still have fatalities today, some lives are in serious danger in the intensive care unit of the University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa,"” Rama said.

But, he continued to insist that the experience is also a very concrete lesson for everyone about the vital importance of vaccination.

For the skeptics of the Sinovac vaccine, who are constantly looking for the Pfizer vaccine, the PM said that the group of vaccinated with Pfizer and Sinovac, who are in the hospital, is divided almost half by half.

The Prime Minister said that the economy has been relieved by the extraordinary pressure of the virus and Albania is closing a tourist season open to all, being confirmed once again as a destination with great potential for the new decade. /