SMI’s Vasili: North Macedonia Makes Smart Choice, Albanian Alternative Is Crazy

The deputy chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Petrit Vasili said that North Macedonia has decided on a wise solution to the Afghan issue in a FB post on Tuesday.

Vasili quoted North Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev as saying that Afghans in his country will be accommodated in hotels and the costs will be paid by the Americans.

In the post, Vasili pointed out that it is different in Albania, where students are expelled from the buildings to let them to Afghans, which seems like a crazy solution.

Below Vasili’s full note: “Afghans: Albania expels students, while North Macedonia accommodates them in hotels! According to VoA, "N. Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told Skopje television that Afghans would be accommodated in hotels and motels, while the costs would be covered by the US government." While in Albania the students have left and 6 buildings of the Student City have been emptied. North Macedonia has decided on a serious and organized solution, while Albania ruled by the renaissance offers only disorganization, propaganda and crazy solutions."

The first group of about 350 Afghans is expected to arrive in Albania on Wednesday and as it is reported the authorities anticipate to shelter them in the buildings of the Student city (Qyteti Studenti) in Tirana with a total capacity of 2000 people. /