SPAK Asks Further Probe into Case of Former Defense Minister Related to Gerdec Explosion

The Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution known as SPAK in Albania does not agree with the decision of the Special Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime (GJKKO), which rejected the request for the trial of the former Minister of Defense, Fatmir Mediu involved in the Gerdec case, where dozens of people died when a military depot exploded in a village on the suburbs of Tirana.

The media reported that the SPAK submitted on Monday to the Special Court of Appeals for Corruption and Organized Crime the appeal against the decision of the GJKKO, requesting the trial of the former minister regarding the explosion that occurred in a military depot in Gerdec where 26 people were killed, 27 seriously were injured and 109 others were slightly injured 13 years ago.

The GJKKO decided on July 27 to reject the request of the Special Prosecution, SPAK, to reopen the investigation against Mediu, stating that “in conditions when the prosecution has not prosecuted for a period of over ten years, although there was no obstacle to do that, the Court deems that it can no longer be exercised.”

After this decision, the head of the Special Prosecution, Arben Kraja, reacted, stating that "this case will go to the end in respect of legal procedures."

Relatives of the families of the victims have blamed the judiciary for failing to punish the former Defense Minister as the main responsible persons in the tragic explosion of the Gerdec military depot which was involved in selling bullets abroad. /