Spiraling Spread of Pandemic Forces Albanian Authorities to Apply Inexistent Restriction Measures

The Technical Committee of Experts decided in its Monday's meeting to change the curfew which will take effect on 1 September and will be from 23:00 to 06:00. Also, new measures will be applied at the border crossings of Albania, where citizens must meet 3 conditions. Starting from September 6, whoever will enter the border of the Albanian territory must have a vaccination passport, PCR test within 72 hours or covid passing test 6 months after recovery, as well as a quarantine for 10 days.

The Technical Committee further decided to make vaccination compulsory for doctors, students and teachers. The Committee of Vaccination Experts in the assessment of civic responsibility for the protection of public health has decided to introduce compulsory vaccination for groups most at risk of receiving and especially from the spread of infection, starting with medical staff, teachers and students.

The announcement estimates that September, being an open month for vaccination, should be the period for all medical staff, teachers and students, to get vaccinated and by September 30 to submit the certificate at their work center and for students at the designated offices from the Higher Education Institutions the copy of the vaccination card issued by e-Albania.

The order to use masks indoors, in shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, public transport and in all those places where physical distancing is not provided remains in force. In all cases when the recommended measures are not respected, penalties will be applied, such as the individual penalty when the citizen has not used the mask in the recommended premises in the amount of a fine of 3000 leks if it is for the first time and in case of repetition in the amount of 5000 leks.

In case businesses do not implement the protocols recommended by the Institute of Public Health, the penalty measure ranges from 100,000-700,000 leks, depending on the restriction measure which has not been implemented. / argumentum.al