Starting with 200 Number of Afghans Up to 4000 to Be Sheltered by PM of Albania

Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama is not satisfied with the 2000- contingent of Afghan refugees set to get shelter in this Balkan country announcing he would require 2000 more.

Rama made that revelation on CNN on Wednesday when a task force was established by his government to handle the issue.

"30 years ago we were Afghans for our Italian brothers, so no one understands their situation better than we do," he said of a topic discussed by him in many foreign media outlets over the last days.

Rama has never explained how much the majority of the Albanian people support his 'generosity' when their country is in dire situation with half a million people having left the country over the last decade.

"It's not about faith or color, it's about people; we need to give them shelter in a time of deep crisis," Rama said, asking how these people can be left behind.

to die.

"How can we close the door on them at a time like this, when their country has been swallowed up by war?"

There is an ongoing tough discussion in the EU and other countries regarding the sheltering issue of Afghans and in general about the immigration related question.

In many countries people are asked about their opinion but Rama as his predecessors have never put such issues for popular discussion. /