Three- fold Increase of Covid Cases within the Last 24 Hours in Albania as No Restrictions Imposed

An announcement released by health ministry on Tuesday is copy paste with the previous ones but the reader can find between lines the rising threat across Albania regarding the spread of Covid-19 and its variant Delta.
"Some 5018 tests were performed out of which 800 citizens were found sick," said the announcement of the health ministry which informed that there were 2 fatalities on Tuesday.
160 raste have been found in Tirana, 134 in Shkodra, 53 in Durrës and 44 in Vlora.
There are currently 6433 active patients with COVID19 across the country while there are 90 sick persons hospitalized in the Infections Hospital in the capital.
The figures show a three- fold increase of the new infected cases something which is alarming but expected given the massive activities organized by the government in Tirana, Korca and Berat not respecting social distancing and wearing no masks.
In the meantime while all countries, including Kosovo, are taking tightened measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic, Albania keeps open doors and windows for anyone coming to this country.
Incidentally the PM, Edi Rama has shut up his mouth about the alarming situation of the spread of the disease boasting of two things: growth of tourism and Afghan refugees who is hardly expecting to come.
A feeble opposition just murmurs!!!