Top Doctor’s Alarming Confession: Vaccines Don’t Guarantee Immortality!

At the climax of the campaign to convince people to get vaccinated, the Director of the National Medical Emergency, Skender Brataj has revealed that the vaccines do not guaranty the immortality of the people who might be infected by the coronavirus.

According to Brataj, citizens should not worry about the type of vaccines they have received, but about concomitant diseases as deaths do not come only from COVID-19.

"If you get COVID-19 disease you will not get infected again! It is not true, you get infected again, but you are more protected than when you are only vaccinated,” said Brataj, whose revelations were considered weird and unclear.

"Regarding the type of vaccines performed in Albania, according to some interpretations, that those with Coronavac are more, or it protects less, it is not true! Those vaccinated with Coronavac are more numerous than other types of vaccines, and of course the number of people infected despite having performed this vaccine is higher!" he said, adding that there are infected people who have got other vaccines like Pfizer.

"Loss of life is not only related to COVID! People with concomitant diseases, people with advanced stage diseases, can lose their lives even from infection of any virus, flu, adenoviruses or SarsCov2! Vaccines do not guarantee immortality!!" said the top medical official of the national emergency who has been often accused by opposition of hiding the reality of the mortality due to COVID in Albania.

Perusing carefully Brataj’s revelation it seems that the situation is grave in Albania and the PM, Edi Rama is using him to spread the alarming news that even those who get vaccinated might lose their life.

Is Brataj making confessions to save his soul from what he said before or is he telling the truth as he knows it denying what is claimed about the ‘magic’ power of life saving of vaccines? /