Unchecked Spread of Covid-19 as New Cases Up Accompanied with Fatalities in Albania

What has been expected- an increase of the affected persons with the Delta variant- is happening in Albania where every passing day registers higher number of patients hit by the virus during August.

Some 6,662 tests were performed and 522 citizens tested infected with Covid-19 across the country, reported the Health Ministry in its daily bulletin on Thursday. It also took the opportunity to repeat the call for citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves and the beloved ones and to curb the spread of the dangerous virus.

August has been declared an open month of anti-COVID vaccination for every citizen +18 years old.

"Anti-COVID vaccines reduce the chance of infection and greatly avoid hospitalizations and fatalities," the health ministry said in a statement. But there are some specialists who have rejected this approach.

“If you suspect you may be affected by COVID-19 or have any signs of illness, isolate yourself immediately and contact your GP for testing or call the National Emergency number at unique 127,” said the statement.

The detailed spread of the new cases over the last 24 hours shows that Tirana tops the list with 193 cases followed by Shkodra with 75 cases. There are currently 4204 active COVID -19 patients nationwide.

Some 59 patients are receiving treatment at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Tirana. Despite the efforts of the medical staff, 2 citizens have passed away: a 67 year old citizen from Elbasan and an 84 year old citizen from Mati in the last 24 hours.

In the meantime, it is reported that 98 citizens recovered in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of recovered to 130,920 since the outbreak of the epidemic in March last year. / argumentum.al