US Congressman Comes to Albania to Inspect Kucova Military Base

"Albania's commitment to the United States and the NATO alliance is indisputable," said Defense Minister Niko Peleshi during a meeting with US Congressman Mike Quigley.

Quigley paid a visit to Albania and his agenda included a visit to the NATO military base of Kucova, southern Albania.

In the framework of the visit, it was announced that the Kuçova base will receive a funding of 58 million dollars from NATO to modernize it completely in support of air transport, logistics, air policy and Alliance training.

The US Embassy in Tirana published on Friday photos from the meeting of the ambassador, Yuri Kim, who welcomed this week the US Congressman Mike Quigley. During the visit to Albania.

The congressman represents the 5th district of Illinois and on August 18 and 19 he was in Tirana, where he met with Ambassador Kim, Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, Chief of Staff Begaj and visited the Kuçova air base.

While the Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi informed that he discussed with the American Congressman, Mike Quigley the excellent relations between Albania and the USA, especially in the field of security and defense.

The Albanian - US cooperation in other fields is symbolic and besides words of encouragement nothing has been done during the last 3 decades since the reestablishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries.  It is apparent the only interest of the US in Albania is in the military field which might increase against the background of the development after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan which was called by the former president Donald Trump shameful for the United State while demanding the resignation of the current president, Joe Biden.

As an obedient ally Albanian Socialist Party majority of PM Edi Rama is reportedly ready to host 30,000 Afghan refugees who add to more than 3,000 Iranian Mujahedin who have settled down in a fortified camp in the suburbs of Tirana leading their own secret life.

The first group of political refugees brought by the US to Albania were Uyghurs an act which soured the relations of Albania with China.  /