Activists Blow Whistles on Kosovo Specialist Chambers President Speech in Pristina

Activists of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) with whistles tried to stop Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) President Ekaterina Trendafilova speech during an outreach event held Tuesday in Pristina, local media reported.

Two activists of the PSD, a minor party not represented in the Parliament, entered the announced outreach event of the KSC President Trendafilova in Pristina and with whistles tried to spoil her speech protesting the work of the Hague based court established to prosecute and try alleged crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The activists were heard as saying that they cannot allow the KSC President to report silently and stated that Trendafilova is “president of an unjust court” and accused her of “trying to change the history of liberation war.” The KSC President reacted to the whistles saying that she has not understood what the activists were saying adding that she is in Pristina to speak about the establishment of the Specialist Chambers and answer journalists’ questions.

The two activists have been arrested by the Kosovo Police once they left the conference hall. The police have arrested also other activists of the PSD, including head of this party Dardan Molliqaj, who were protesting outside the building where the conference was taking place. The PSD activists sprayed “Persona non grata” message in one of the official vehicles of KSC President escort. The PSD has reacted saying that the police used excessive force during the arrest of their activists.

The Kosovo Specialist Chambers Trendafilova and Registrar Fidelma Donlon were in Pristina on Tuesday to speak about mandate, work, and ongoing developments at the KSC. A similar outreach event the KSC President is expected to hold Wednesday in Mitrovica North. /