Albania Gripped with Dangerous Spread of COVID Pandemic

As the number of infections is climbing unchecked in Albania the government has apparently turned to toughen the preventive measures against COVID-19, according to an official statement on Saturday.

It has announced that vaccines against COVID-19 will be mandatory for those working in public administration, police, pharmacists and laboratory technicians.

According to official reports released on Saturday, some 984 new cases were evidenced out of 6,113 tests performed in the country.

There are actually 11,628  active patients across the country with Tirana having the highest number of infections followed by Shkodra, northern Albania, while the number of fatalities was 4.

Vaccine uptake in Albania is some of the lowest in Europe with just 22% of the population having both doses. A total of 29% have had one dose.

The COVID3 hospital has been opened and the three hospitals in Tirana are treating 106 patients out of whom 18 are in severe state.

Albania has now introduced entry requirements for those coming to the country. Anyone over the age of one must present either a vaccination certificate, a PCR test, a serology test, or evidence they have recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months. This requirement comes into force on 6 September. /