Albania-Israel Cultural Festival to Celebrate Friendly Ties Between Two People

An extraordinary event that will highlight the Albanian and Israeli art, the historical exchanges between the Albanian and Jewish people and the vibrant artistic scene of Albania will be launched in Tirana on September 12, said a statement released by the organizers of the event on Monday.

The Albania-Israel Cultural Festival, scheduled for September 12-21, will bring a variety of events and performances in the fields of classical and traditional music, fine arts, photography, literature, cinematography, costume design, and others. This event takes place in the frame of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Israel and will serve to celebrate the warm relations between the two countries and the two people.

"The festival is a unique initiative in the Albanian and Balkan cultural scene," said the statement revealing that this year's participants will include the Klezmer Orchestra from Israel, the String Quartets from the Berlin Philharmonic, Nitzan Bartana from the Basel Orchestra (Switzerland), conductor Suzana Turku "Grand Master", Sivan Rotem from Israel, and many other special guests. special.

A large number of invited artists from abroad come to perform in Albania for the first time.

Almira Emiri, Artistic Director of the Festival and well-known Albanian pianist in the European arena and Israel, described the event as a golden opportunity to promote art and culture. Honorary member of the Festival is Avital Leibovich, Director of the Jerusalem Office of the American Jewish Committee, who recently received the title "Skanderbeg Order" from the President of Albania Ilir Meta.

Mrs. Leibovich emphasized the opportunities and exchanges between the two countries. “The relationship between Albanians and Jews is unique, not only from the past, but also from the present. The similarities between us are greater than the differences, and art is a powerful tool in strengthening relationships between people," she said.

The Albania-Israel Cultural Festival is an initiative of the Shalom Center in Albania and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, the Municipality of Tirana, the Embassy of Israel in Tirana, and the American Jewish Committee and the American Jewish Congress. /