Albania to Get Larger Amounts of Pfizer as Third Dose of Vaccine Is Being Considered

The supply with anti-Covid vaccines will mount to 3 million doses within this year and it is being predicted the application of the third dose in Albania within 2021. This was stated on Thursday by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu at the meeting of the Committee on Economy and Finance that discussed the Normative Act on some changes to the agreement for the production and supply of Albania by Pfizer Export B.V. on Thursday. Referring to the new agreement with the company Pfizer, Manastirliu said that the document has no change in price or other conditions. "Regarding the agreement that we approve today, for this supply of 500,760 doses of vaccines, the government has approved the direct payment for their purchase, which of course paves the way for the supply of these vaccines according to the calendar approved in this agreement. The fact that we are bringing an amendment to the signed agreement is done because this accord has no changes even when it comes to changes in price and other terms of the contract, but because there's an added amount," declared Manastirliu. The Minister announced that through COVAX two significant deliveries of vaccines within the yearID will arrive.

"Through the Covax instrument we have already announced that in October we will have another 188 thousand doses of vaccines arriving in Albania through this instrument while it is expected that again through the Covax instrument will arrive about 370 thousand vaccines which are also planned to arrive within this year," said Manastirliu.

Referring to the increase in the availability of vaccines for the third dose Manastirliu said that "of course this is a contract which will give us the opportunity not only to ensure the continuity of vaccination for the population +18 years, but is also a precursor for each decision of the Vaccination Committee and the Immunization Committee in relation to the third doses which some countries have started."

Manastirliu said that "the percentage of the population vaccinated with one dose today is 44%, while the percentage of the population vaccinated with two doses is towards 36%," she said. /