Albanian MP in Serb Parliament Backs Reciprocity Measure by Pristina Government, Urges Int'l Meditation

Following the growing tensions in the north of Kosovo, the Albanian MP in the Serbian Parliament, Shaip Kamberi has considered right the decision of the government of Pristina to seek the implementation of the reciprocity agreement, banning the entry into its territory of cars with Serbian license plates. Invited to the Information Radar, Kamberi stated on Tuesday that Serbia has been manipulating for 10 years by not respecting the agreement it has signed. "Serbia has not taken any action so far to resolve this issue. The decision in Pristina is also imposed by Serbia's position," he said. "The fact is that for 10 years the EU has failed to convince Serbia to respect this agreement. Here we have not a lack of an agreement but a lack of will to respect an agreement. I believe that international mediation will begin to find a solution mediated and accepted by both parties.

"I doubt that Serbia can withdraw without any international pressure," Kamberi said. He added that Vucic's rhetoric could be further sharpened as Serbia holds presidential elections next year.

"The tense situation has to do with the northern part. Today's rhetoric is of a verbal nature and it will end there," said the Albanian MP in Serb Parliament./