Albanian Ongoing ‘Brain Drain’ at Highest Level in Europe

High-level emigration of educated people from Albania will impoverish the economy and will also negatively affect the country's sustainable and long-term growth, said a study by INSTAT experts Elma Cali and Sokrat Palushi, which does not represent the official position of the government institutions.

Government institutions claim there are no such problems in Albania; on the contrary Albanians do not want to work and this is the reason Afghan refugees have been welcomed to be hired, particularly in the media sector!!!

But the above experts quoted by local media on Tuesday noted that Albania had the highest percentage of emigration of educated people and students living abroad in the region by 2020.

According to the publication of INSTAT "Albanian Diaspora in Figures" the total number of population leaving Albania in 2020 was 1,684,135 individuals. INSTAT and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) also conducted a household migration survey. In this survey data on the level of education and employment status were collected in the group of persons 15 years and older. It resulted that over 350,000 people had left during the years 2011-2019. Survey data show that 47% of people with higher education have emigrated.

Albania is also ranked first for the number of students attending education abroad, with respectively 18,181 students, followed by Serbia with 15,749 students, then Bosnia with 15,399.