Albanian Parliament to Convene on September 10 as Government Shake-up Is Expected on Thursday

Albania's Parliament will restart its deliberations with the first meeting of the X Legislature in Tirana on September 10 at 10:00 after the April 25 general elections which declared Socialist Party as victorious for a third mandate with a full majority.

"On Friday, September 10, 2021, at 10:00, the first meeting of the X Legislature of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania is called to be held," read the decree of the head of state issued on Wednesday.

The restarting of Parliament's performance  will be preceded by a government shake up as it is reported by reliable Socialist Party sources.

SP Premier Edi Rama will convene the National Assembly and will announce the list of names of the new Government cabinet on Thursday morning. "Rama3" will change both in structure and names from the current composition, it is said. Currently, the Albanian executive consists of 15 ministries, not including the post of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. The new government structure is expected to change, growing in number through the creation of new portfolios. The only one who has been confirmed by Rama himself is Elisa Spiropali, who will continue as Minister of Relations with the Parliament.

In the meantime it is rumored that Parliament will be headed by a woman and mention is made of Lindita Nikolla, an education minister.

Once the government list is made public and the Parliament officially begins work, the prime minister is expected be summoned by President Meta to mandate him to form the government. Afterwards, Rama will officially submit to the Presidency the names of the ministers, who will have to be decreed by the head of state. Despite strong political conflicts, no surprises are expected from the President for blocking the names of the new government, referring to his public statement after the election results when he stressed that he will cooperate with the winning party for the good of the country. /