Albanian Security Expert Thinks US Failed Politically in Afghanistan

The US failed politically in Afghanistan and the threat of terrorism is growing in that country after the US withdrawal, said Redion Qirjazi, a security expert who has served in Afghanistan as an officer with the Elspeth troops. He focused on the repercussions of withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan and accepting Afghans in Albania in talk show on a local TV on Tuesday.
"US military withdrawal undermines stability in Afghanistan. US failure in Afghanistan was political rather than military. We have to keep in mind that the Afghan state has a society which is entirely rural. The Taliban have their roots in Afghan society. The military did not want to fight the war," he said adding that people lacked the desire to take up arms against the Taliban.
According to him, there is a possibility that Afghanistan will return to the base of terror, and this is not ruled out. "The Taliban control the entire state space there, and if there is a vacuum terrorism could be allowed."
The expert said there is no longer a state there and this can be followed by the establishment of terrorism centers. "Afghanistan has been a problem for drugs because it was a country that exported opium. There have been allegations that the former president's brother trafficked drugs," he said.
In a comment on the Afghans being sheltered in Albania Qirjazi did not believe that they are a danger to the Albanians, who must stand by the alliance. "Infiltration is a risk, but the probability is lower, because the process is supposed to be controlled," said the security expert Qirjazi.
Albanian Prime Minister reiterated that more than 4000 Afghans can be hosted by this Balkan and the first group of 450 refugees has already arrived being accomodated in Tirana and Durres. Ordinary people's opinion on such a move has not been asked as Rama made it a fait accomplis