Berisha Labels His Ex- Protege Basha a Miserable Tool of PM Edi Rama

The Democratic Party (DP) veteran leader, Sali Berisha, who has been expelled from the parliamentary group by his protege, the current party head Lulzim Basha, on September 9, 2021, a day before the opening of the tenth legislature of Albania, did not join him in the commemoration event of Azem Hajdari.

However Berisha described the event of September 12, 1998 as the assassination of the century by the socialist government of that time.

Berisha called on the Democrats to be inspired by Hajdari's courage to remove not only PM Edi Rama, but also Lulzim Basha, whom he labeled as the miserable tool of the prime minister at the head of the Democratic Party.

According to a post on social networks on Sunday, Berisha said the Democrats are inspired more than ever by the epic bravery, the superhuman courage of Azem Hajdari to stand up and throw as soon as possible in the trash of history the Rama regime and his miserable  tool at the head of the PD. /