Berisha Launches Revival Movement of DP in Tirana Amidst Enthusiasts

"Who will lead the Democratic Party (DP) will be determined by the Democrats of their own free will," has said Sali Berisha, the founder of the DP, the first opposition political force in the early 90s when communist regime was falling apart.

Berisha made that comment in the launch of the movement so called Foltore which is designed as a public talk of him with the rank and file membership the first leg of which was Tirana on Thursday.

The DP veteran leader vowed that he will do everything to revive hope during the event. In the meantime hecconsidered Basha as a 'broken leader'.

In his speech in front of supporters among whom many leading figures of DP like former president Bujar Nishani and well known  MPs Tritan Shehu and Flamur Noka, the former prime minister said that he tried to make current chairman Lulzim Basha a leader, but he did not succeed to realize it.

Berisha said that Basha politically executed the exponents of the Democratic Party, while referring to the list of deputies in 2017. He also spoke against the agreement of Basha with PM Edi Rama in May 2017.

In the meantime he announced that the signatures of 1500 delegates of the DP National Assembly will be collected. After the collection of these signatures, the Assembly, which is the largest forum of the party, will convene.

"We will solve everything in the most democratic way. We will ask the National Assembly that every member of the Democratic Party will vote on the decision in a referendum throughout Albania," Berisha said. "There is no victory with Basha. That is what we will tell the Democrats. I would say to them: never vote the loser with the motive that he is better than him. The loser never leads you to victory. This never leads you. Do not make this mistake."

Berisha stated that this move will free Albania from ghosts, an indirect response to Thursday's comments by US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

The DP veteran concluded by calling slanders the alleged accusations against him by the US State Department of corruption pledging that as much as he was humble towards the truth, so he was invincible to slander and fraud.  /