Berisha Self-Declared MP of DP Parliamentary Group; SMI Cannot Create Its Group

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha submitted a letter to the Parliament on Monday, where he declared himself as a member of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party (DP).

The veteran DP figure Berisha was expelled from the PD parliamentary group by the head of the DP, Lulzim Basha on September 9 a day before the new parliamentary session.

But Berisha joined Basha’s decision and other DP deputies to leave the parliamentary hall without voting for the composition of the parliamentary committees and other protocol issues.

Despite the boycott of the opposition parliament decided that the opposition will have 3 parliamentary groups. One of them will be that of the Democratic Party and 2 of its allies, the Democratic Party group, the Alliance for Change Group and the Democracy and Integration Group.

Democrat leader Lulzim Basha accused Parliament Speaker Lindita Nikolla of violating the regulation before abandoning the plenary session.

"You started the plenary session by violating the regulations. You approve the agenda and take orders as a soldier from someone who should not be in this hall. You are a mannequin taking orders from someone who should not be here. With what kind of power you endorse the agenda. This is how it is when a Speaker like you is appointed. Shame on you! ”Basha told the new Speaker, Nikolla, who succeeded Gramoz Ruci who resigned from all political positions.

It was different with the Socialist Movement for Integration whose deputies stayed in the hall. SMI will not have a parliamentary group because it has 4 deputies, while for the creation of a parliamentary group 7 deputies are needed. In the absence of three deputies, the SMI was left without a group. It is not clear if there were talks on the issue with DP or if the latter did not agree to give its main ally three deputies required for the creation of a parliamentary group. It remains to be seen if the pre-electoral coalition between DP and SMI is over.

In the meantime the General Prosecution replied to the demand of President Ilir Meta on the verification of the figures of 16 ministers expected to be part of the "Rama 3' cabinet.

“None of the names of the government has been penalized. None of the appointed ministers has any problems,” it is said in the reply of the prosecution on Monday.  /