Berisha’s Appeal to Basha: Hand over Mandate, Leave and Return Where You Have Come from!

The Democratic Party (DP) can never win against PM Edi Rama, the greatest traitor of the Albanian nation after former communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, with the current chairman Lulzim Basha as leader of the party because the latter is being held hostage after stabbing on the back the largest opposition political force in Albania.

Berisha was speaking in the city of Fier on Tuesday in the second leg of his tour so called Foltorja which is an open discussion with rank-and-file regarding the personal decision of Basha to expel the historic leader from the parliamentary group and the restoration of the sovereignty of the Democratic Party whose institutions can decide. Among those who accompanied Berisha was the DP deputy, Luan Baci who underlined that this movement undertaken by Dr. Sali Berisha is not an effort to split the Democrats but to bring back the missing unity in the party ranks.

At the outset Berisha spoke about the very difficult economic and political situation of Albania which is being emptied continuously as corruption is flourishing.  He brought as example the fact that the PM travels with a car which costs $500,000.

"None of us ever thought that our chairman, who is taken hostage, could, without asking any person, forum, article of the statute, any principle on which the DP is built, come up with a decision to hand over the sovereignty of the DP," former Prime Minister told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters who kept shouting ‘Rama Go!”, “Rama Go!”.

In addition, he said that the multibillionaire Soros influenced the capture and destruction of justice reform in Albania.

"We did everything as the opposition for the reform to be based on the principles of justice and the purity of the judiciary. We were in full swing with the Venice Commission. But all the amendments that we removed from the Constitution, Soros and his ambassadors turned them into laws," said Berisha, who revealed that justice is run by the former judges and prosecutors of the communist regime.

Further on he said that Democrats are not anti-Americans but reject any unfair decision. Referring to his case, Berisha said everything will be decided by the French court according to a suit filed by him against the US State Secretary, Blinken for slander against him.

According to Berisha, the DP’s sovereignty is sacred and cannot be touched. Answering numerous questions by the participants who called for the return of Berisha to the leadership of the DP, the veteran leader called on Lulzim Basha he had better leave and go from where he had come to the DP. In addition Berisha called on Basha to hand over the mandate and ‘go away’ from the party.

In conclusion Berisha had made an appeal to the members of the current parliamentary group not to support Basha in his cooperation with Rama.  “Now DP needs unity more than ever, and this is the way to resurrect the party,” stressed Berisha. has learned that the next leg of the tour of Berisha is the southern city of Vlora.