Concern Mounts in Greece as Afghan Exodus Goes on, Albaniaa to Host 4000 Refugees

The prime minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has called on the European Union to support the countries neighboring Afghanistan to stop a new migrant wave from the Taliban-controlled country amidst reports published on Sunday that 2 million Afghan refugees are at Greek borders.

"We must not relive the 2015 drama and its consequences … There are many different views on what happened or what should have happened in Afghanistan. There is definitely a need for a European response to the crisis," said Greece's migration minister Notis Mitarachi.

Greece is still struggling in the aftermath of the 2015 migration crisis when thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers fled from conflicts in the Middle East to the Greek islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos.

"We cannot have millions of people leaving Afghanistan and coming to the European Union … and certainly not through Greece," Mitarachi said.

Greece completed a 40-kilometer fence on its border with Turkey earlier this week. And a new surveillance system was in place to stop possible asylum seekers from trying to reach Europe.

The country is looking to prevent a recurrence of the events in 2020 when thousands of migrants and asylum seekers tried to storm the Greek border at Evros to pass through to the EU.

"The crisis in Afghanistan is creating new parameters in the geopolitical sphere, and at the same time creates the possibility of migratory flows," Michalis Chrisochoidis from the Ministry for Public Order and Citizen Protection said.

Greece currently hosts 40,000 Afghan asylum-seekers and refugees, who make up most migrants arriving in Greece.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has pledged to host 4000 Afghan refugees and some 700 of them have already been sheltered in Tirana, Durres and Lezha. None has been sent to southern parts of the country not to spoil the tourism. People didn't know on Rama's deals with the US and Sorros as one of that US 'big dynasty' was in Tirana to thank Rama personally. This has raised the question that the refugees might be connections of Sorros.

Rama has revealed that no funds are given to the government by the US and the EU which means that Albanian taxpayers who themselves live in misery, are paying again the background of the deadly pandemic which is spreading frightfully over the last few weeks.

Rama will rule Albania for 4 more years as the opposition is so feeble that doesn't speak a word in protection of Albanians. /