Confirmation of 2-year Sentence for Ex General Prosecutor, His Whereabouts Unknown

Former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla was sentenced to 2 years in prison for concealing and not declaring assets. The Special Court of Appeals upheld on Wednesday the decision of the Special Court Against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), which includes 5 years of deprivation of the right to exercise public functions and confiscation of property. While it is suspected that Adriatik Llalla is not currently in Albania. It is unclear where he is, News24 TV reported, although his lawyer Sokol Hazizaj said that he is in hospital, but did not specify whether he is inside or outside Albania.

"It was an unfair trial. I know that Llalla is in the hospital, I know that. I am his lawyer and I am here in front of you. The Court, both of the First Instance and the Court of Appeals, has copied and pasted all the procedural actions, nothing else. We will follow all the links, up to the Supreme Court. I do not know where Llalla is. I have no communication regarding the health side of the former chief prosecutor, I have communication only for the procedural side," said the lawyer.

News24 confirmed that Llalla has traveled outside Albania in recent weeks, the first destination is Turkey. "We do not have the information if he has entered Albania anymore. Since the court has sentenced him with a final verdict, Mr. Llalla should go behind bars, but apparently in the apartment everything is closed, nothing moves," said the report.

Llalla is the first former senior official to be punished by new institutions, or vetted courts after justice reform. /