Confrontation in DP MPs’ Leadership, Basha Reiterates Decision on Berisha’s Expulsion Was Taken by US Cupola

The meeting of the chairmanship of the Democratic Party (DP) parliamentary group was a scene of confrontation with its current head Lulzim Basha threatening the supporters of the historic leader, Sali Berisha, that he would not allow any ‘anti-US’ group on Monday.

His threat was veiled with enigma because Basha declared that only he and Berisha and no one else was aware of some information that sealed the decision to expel Berisha from the parliamentary group.

The pressure exerted by the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim on Basha was followed by his personal decision to expel Berisha, who has recently started a tour of meeting with grassroots members to explain the situation. On Tuesday, he will be in Fier as the start of the tour was in Tirana a few days ago.

"The decision on Sali Berisha has no turning back! Then there is a misreading that is done or interpreted in the media. The doctor was not definitively expelled, he was not lynched. The best words have been said of him," Basha said, adding that Berisha will follow the judicial process.

But the MP, Flamur Noka, a prominent figure in DP and supporter of Berisha, accused Basha inside the meeting, telling him that he had stabbed Sali Berisha on the back. "The decision should have been made in accordance with the statute of the Party," said Ndoka.

In the meantime, MP Enkelejd Alibeaj told reporters that they discussed the opposition strategy in Parliament at the meeting. Asked about the constitutional changes related to the Vetting process, Alibeaj stated that the opposition will do everything to remove Rama. "With Rama, we will all fight with all strategies and by any other means to remove him," said Alibeaj.

"Without resolving Berisha's case nothing can be discussed about the opposition action! This decision on Berisha was a knife on  the back! You (Basha) are responsible for stabbing Sali Berisha on the back," Ndoka said. He accused Basha of violating the party statute as the decision on Berisha should have been taken by the National Assembly.

"We were united and we could not overthrow Rama. How will we do it now that you have split the membership?" was the challenge of Ndoka towards Basha. "With this decision, you have put the DP in an irreversible rollover."

But Basha retorted by saying the decision was made not to divide the party and the Democrats and that it came from the cupola of the American state. "I know the information as the doctor knows it very well and that you will never know," concluded Basha. /