DP Chairman Says Berisha ‘Lies’ as the Latter Warns His Adversary None Can Prevent Referendum

Berisha was in the city of Fier in the second leg of his tour so-called Foltore which is designed as a conversation with the grassroots party membership.

Basha stressed that there is no referendum and the Assembly to consider the decisions of the American government, rejecting this idea raised by Berisha.

"The Democratic Party is moving forward. The Democratic Party will lead the popular battle for change that comes only through the removal of this regime and the return of the country to the rails of democracy which ensure a good life for every Albanian. This is the mission of the Democratic Party, this is the mission of every democrat, this is my mission and I will stand by this with commitment until the achievement of the objectives that are not just partisanship, but are national," said Basha.

Basha is held responsible for the loss of the April 25 general elections, the fourth since 2013 when SP took the power under the premiership of Edi Rama.

"As for the claims for referendums and assemblies, there will be no Democratic Party assembly to consider the decisions of the American government. Our objectives are to confront Edi Rama and his regime and all our energy is focused here."There will be no Democratic Party assembly reviewing US government decisions," said Basha.

In a tit-for-tat reaction Berisha drew the attention of Basha that the referendum is not against the US government but against the current DP chairman for his personal decision to expel him from the parliamentary group without consulting the party bodies as it is stipulated in the statute of the DP. Berisha stressed that no one could prevent the referendum and the collection of 1500 signatures to convene the DP National Assembly to dismiss Basha.  /argumentum.al