DP Chairmanship Unifies Public Message on 'Berisha' Case of Expulsion

Head of Democratic Party (DP) Lulzim Basha held a meeting on Monday with some of the Democratic MPs during which he gave the 'advice' that the same message as what he said about the expulsion from the parliamentary group of DP of Sali Berisha should conveyd to the public.

Some of the representatives of the chairmanship of the parliamentary group were absent in the meeting which lasted about 60 minutes and its decision was that the deputies of the Democratic Party who will convey the message to the public for the expulsion of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha be in the same line with Lulzim Basha. Even at the end of this meeting, some of the deputies refused to talk about the expulsion of Berisha from the parliamentary group, while the one who justified the individual decision of Lulzim Basha was the deputy of the Lezha region, Agron Gjekmarkaj.

For several days, the Democratic deputies were prevented from speaking to the media by the head of the DP parliamentary group, Alfred Rushaj. / argumentum.al