DP Head and Berisha's Supporter Trade Barbs in Parliamentary Group

Saturday's meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party (DP) has been accompanied by debates. It was the former Minister of Interior, MP Flamur Noka, who clashed with the leader of the Democrats, Lulzim Basha. Noka has accused Basha of turning his political cause into a crumb, what the leader of the Democrats called the "election massacre". But, such a thing was opposed by Basha, who responded to the deputy that he talked about the "election massacre" in every discussion.

"You have to go  to the grassroots to explain to the Democrats the decision you made to expel (Sali) Berisha, because you divided the Democrats," said Noka.

But Basha retorted saying he would explain to the Democrats, but without adding fuel to the fire. And Noka replied telling him: "You threw the tritol."

In the meantime deputy Oerd Bylykbashi said strategy must be designed first, as reforms without having a clear strategy cannot be done.

According to him, the main goals of the Democrats are electoral reform and territorial reform, but the reforms must find their time to start. "I do not blame you for 2014 reform because it is the only decision you have made collegially; you have made yourself the others", said Bylykbashi. / argumentum.al