DP Veteran Leader Berisha to Launch Anti-Basha Marathon in Tirana on Thursday

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the veteran leader of the Democratic Party (DP), has announced the launch of his movement, dubbed the Lecturer (Foltorja), on Thursday.

According to Berisha, Foltorja will aim for a more united, stronger and more open DP.

Below is full announcement released by Berisha's office on Wednesday:

Dear friends, we start the cycle of "Foltore" for a more united, stronger and more open Democratic Party at the Rogner Hotel on Thursday, September 16 at 18:00.

The event will be a conversation with Democrats that starts in Tirana and will travel throughout the country. You're welcome! Long live the Democratic Party!" In the meantime former Minister of Health, Tritan Shehu, who is member of new Parliament, has said the latest developments have put the Democratic Party in a difficult situation. He added that Basha's decision to expel former Prime Minister Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group should not have been taken individually, but in consultation with the National Council.

Shehu further added that Sali Berisha is the history of the DP and such major decisions should not be made alone. He brought to attention here the burning of mandates, a decision, according to him, initially taken by Lulzim Basha, which resulted in a failure.

It's to be seen if this undertaking by Berisha will be like the so called Catharsis movement launched by the former Socialist Party.head Fatos Nano in the 1990s which brought about the split of SP.

/ Argumentum.al