Ex-President Sees Puppet Government in 'Rama 3' Cabinet as Opposition Feels Comfortable

Former President of Albania Bujar Nishani has criticized the new government presented by PM Edi Rama on Thursday. For Nishani, the Albanians in the next 4 years will have a puppet government and Rama intends to win the next electoral race.

According to him, Rama has held hostage the government, the parliament, the justice, the economy, the political system, the state itself, and Albania. "The hostage-taker, while mocking the Albanians again with a 'Puppet Government', is diligently preparing to win the next race," Nishani said.

He did not leave without criticizing the opposition, which he says is comfortable at the moment and until the next elections its leadership has time to invent something.

"There is no preparation, no vision, no design, no strategy of DP," said Nishani who was expelled from the leadership of the largest opposition political force. / argumentum.al