Expelled Leader Berisha by His DP Protege 'Stole the Show' of Parliament's Launching of New Legislature in Albania

Albanian Parliament convened in its 10th legislature with former chairman of PD Sali Berisha the star of the show as he has been expelled by parliamentary group according to a personal decision of party chairman Lulzim Basha.

Cheered by dozens of supporters before entering Parliament Hall on Friday morning Berisha assured party members that he will wage a strong battle to restore legitimacy in DP. He warned that the decision against him to be expelled from the parliamentary group is null and void. He emphasized that his expulsion came as a result of the Rama-Basha compromise, but opposee it by clearly stating that he continues to be a member of the DP parliamentary group.

US State Department has taken a decision on former Prime Minister and former DP leader Berisha proclaiming him and his family persona non grata,  while US Ambassador Yuri Kim has lobbied feverishly to oust Berisha from the DP parliamentary group.

Berisha was accompanied on Friday before and after the first session of Parliament all the time by prominent deputies Flamur Noka, Eduart Paloka and Tritan Shehu.

"I will take every initiative within the DP to return it to the pedestal it deserves. As you can see, I am a member of the DP parliamentary group. The decision according to the Rama-Basha compromise is null, there is no legal support other than the moral filth in the bargains behind a political force. I can enter the DP headquarters at any time and you can be sure that the day will be very close when the DP regains all the strength, all the determination, the legitimacy, to disperse a ruling clique based on crime, dugs, vote-rigging and dirty bargains with those who turned the DP into the opposition facade," said Berisha.

/ Argumentum.al