First Strong Public Rifts Between SMI and DP

As the head of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha declared at the meeting of the National Council a few days ago that his party will be in Parliament to implement constitutional, electoral and territorial reform, the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) expressed its objection to sit down with Socialist Party PM Edi Rama to produce failed agreements the same as that of June 5 at a joint table.

"Without solving the guilt, responsibility and everything they did on April 25, we can not talk about anything else. I know that Edi Rama has said that he is thinking of getting a fourth term. My question is, are these the reformers of Albania? Can they make reforms?” questioned the deputy head of SMI Petrit Vasili on Friday. SMI will be a strong opposition voice, but just like before the elections it will be separated from the DP in terms of attitudes and topics that it will raise in plenary sessions, said Vasili.

"Even before April 25, the SMI was part of the opposition, but it was a very strong voice with its individuality like the DP and other parties. The opposition front is there and everyone has its role," he said.

The SMI won only 4 seats in the April 25 elections, but for Vasili, Monika Kryemadhi has the confidence of the structures to lead the party again.

The Parliament will hold its first session

on September 10 and the opposition forces will return to institutions after a 2- year boycott.

The Speaker of the new Parliament will be Lindita Nikolla as it was announced by PM Rama at the SP National Assembly held on Thursday where the Rama 3 government cabinet was unveiled.