Five Fatalities and 1079 New Infected Cases Over the Last 24 Hours in Albania

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has already taken frightful proportions as the daily figures of the fatalities and infections keeps rising across Albania.

The medical bulletin released by the Health Ministry said on Wednesday that there were five fatalities while the number of the infected people exceeded the quota of 1000 during the last 24 hours.

According to the official figures 6732 tests discovered 1079 new cases.

"The Ministry of Health appeals to citizens to be vaccinated as soon as possible to protect themselves and the health of others. Get vaccinated at the nearest vaccination center, because anti - COVID vaccines reduce the possibility of infection and greatly avoid hospitalizations and fatalities,” said the medical bulletin.

The highest number of infections was registered in Tirana (384) followed by Shkodra (96) and Durres (58).

A look at the distribution of the disease shows that the COVID-19 has spread in all the areas of this Balkan country like never before when there were uninfected places during the peak after the outbreak of the pandemic.

"Currently 152 patients, 18 of whom are in more serious condition, are receiving treatment at COVID Hospitals," said the bulletin. /