Homage Paid to Assassinated Democrat Leader Azem Hajdari in Tirana

"Honor, respect and gratitude to the eternal deed of Azem Hajdari, the leader of the 'Student Movement', who brought political pluralism and democracy," said President Ilir Meta on Sunday.

President paid homage to the memorial of Azem Hajdari erected in downtown Tirana close to the former headquarters of the Democratic Party (DP) which has been moved to a more spatial place at the former so called Officer's House (SHQUP). "His energy and courage should inspire our efforts for an Albania like the whole of Europe!" said the President on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of Hajdari's killing at the entrance of the DP offices.

No full light is shed on his assanation on September 12, 1998 when Albania got into  a new turmoil after the bloody events of 1997 which caused the collapse of the DP ruling under Sali Berisha after the bankrupt pyramid schemes crashed with the loss of money savings of hundreds of thousands of Albanians.

"The deed and sacrifice of Azem Hajdari remain a model of inspiration not to succumb to the regime's violence, to fight with the determination of the hero of democracy and to bring to an end the ideal of Albania as the whole of Europe," said Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha, who laid a wreath at the memorial in a separate event.

Rudina Hajdari, daughter of Azem Hajdari and politician, wrote in memory of her father, "If Azem were among us today, he would fight for just that. In fact, his energy and courage would surely have changed the course of history." /argumentum.al