Is Vucic's Tactic in Line with That of Albanian PM Rama Keeping EU Far Away?

Opposition Democratic Party President Zoran Lutovac told BETA on Thursday that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has never displayed enthusiasm for joining the EU. He said Vučić rose to power on an anti-European platform “which he rhetorically changed right after the 2012 elections, to gain the support of the West.”

According to Lutovac, when Vučić addresses European officials “he underlines his dedication to the European path” but when addressing his voters “his rhetoric is anti-European and demonstrates an obvious pro-Russian and pro-Chinese inclination.” Lutovac also told BETA that eagerness for EU integration has diminished in a segment of Serbia’s pro-European population due to their inability to understand or accept the attitude Brussels has displayed toward Serbian citizens.

“They cannot comprehend that Brussels is supporting the undemocratic reign of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić – and is even turning a blind eye to the fact that [our] society as a whole has become criminalised under his rule," he added.

It's interesting to know if Vucic's tactic is in line with that of Albanian PM Edi Rama as they both are zealous promoters of initiatives which are not in frame of the EU or Berlin Process. /