Kim Discusses Some ‘Important Issues’ with SPAK Head

The US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim went to the premises of the special prosecution against organized crime and corruption known as SPAK on Monday, local media reported.

According to the limited information, the top American diplomat to Tirana met with the head of SPAK, Arben Kraja during which they discussed some ‘important issues’. This is the second meeting between Kim and Kraja within a few days.

Ambassador Kim also met with the head of the National Bureau of Investigation, Aida Hajnaj.

Coincidence or not, the visit was followed by a quick reply of the General Prosecution to the demand of President Ilir Meta on the verification of the figures of 16 ministers expected to be part of the "Rama 3' cabinet.

Like never before it took a very short time for the prosecution to make the vetting of 16 appointed ministers and the text of the reply to Meta was cut and short telling him that all of them were ‘clean’. /