Kosovo Gives Assurances Its KSF Will Not Enter Northern Kosovo Despite Rising Tensions with Serbia

The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) is not preparing to enter northern part of Kosovo, said a press release issued by Defense Ministry of Kosovo on Friday as quoted by local media.

The KSF takes decisions in compliance with the Constitution and in coordination with the NATO-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo – KFOR, said the press release

“Spreading misinformation alleging that the KSF is preparing military troops to intervene in the north, are false, and aimed to mislead the public opinion to portray the situation as unsafe for our citizens of Serbian community,” it is written in the press release.

Further on the Defense Ministry said that through this press statement it wanted to refute all fake news, propaganda, misinformation campaign, spread among Kosovo citizens in northern Kosovo and published by some media.

"The KSF is a state institution carrying out duties and competencies in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and applicable laws and in full coordination with other state authorities and KFOR," it said.

In conclusion the Defense Ministry said the KSF is a professional and multi-ethnic organisation, formed, built and developed in coordination and full support of NATO, the US, and other partner members of NATO. / argumentum.al