Manjani: I Refuse to Believe What Mrs. Kim 'Minister of Propaganda' Says!

By Ylli Manjani*

Diplomatic relations are established by one state with another. States communicate and cooperate with each other and it is called interstate cooperation. There are endless international conventions and acts that regulate these things.

The country of Mrs. Kim, according to the latter, is understood to have cooperated with the Democratic Party (DP), not with the Albanian state after 30 years.

Come on logic, come on! Come on diplomacy, come on! States do not form alliances with parties of other countries. With no party anywhere, no matter how big it is !!!

This is how the image of an Embassy becomes when the ambassador acts as the Minister of Propaganda. And not of the propaganda of the government that appointed her, but of the government in which state she serves.

This is called Albanian Americanism. God bless you, save us the good image we still have of American democracy!

In the name of this image I refuse to listen and believe what the Minister of Propaganda, Mrs. Kim, says.  /

*Former Justice Minister and MP