Montenegro on Way of Drafting Law on Property Origin

The working group for drafting the law on the origin of property in Montenegro is preparing normative solutions with the help of international experts from Great Britain, Italy and Slovenia, announced the Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic in a press release issued on Friday.

The press release said the Working Group will have a draft of those solutions by October 15 when the text will be subject to public discussion.

"The law on the origin of property is one of the most important blows in the fight against organized crime and corruption, and its adoption will be a strong impetus in the fight against criminal groups, revealing public officials who have acquired property through corruption, but also one of the most significant steps in overall reforms related to Montenegro 's rule of law and European integration," Abazovic' s cabinet announced.

It is added that the Law will be a summary of regulations of several different state systems, harmonized with European practices and laws implemented in the EU countries, reported the Montenegrin state media RTCG.

"The adoption and implementation of the Law on the Origin of Property will make it clear to citizens that it has given up the previous political practices and started a more effective fight against corruption, which will bring citizens a greater sense justice and a major step forward in negotiations with the EU, "it is declared. The Cabinet of Deputy PM concluded that the Law on the Origin of Property is one of the systemic laws promised to citizens in the Agreement that the three leaders of the winning coalition signed in September 2020. /