Parliament Elects Majority Pick Up Lindita Nikolla as New Speaker of Albania

The appointment of Ms. Lindita Nikolla as the head of the parliament is very good news, said Prime Minister Edi Rama after the end of its second.plenary session on Friday.

"Today the Parliament is headed by a wonderful woman and respected colleague and politician who has never fanned the flames of conflict. This is good news. It is a good moment. This mandate is very important to clean up Albania," he said.

Parliament was headed by Gramoz Ruci during the previous legislature, but he has given up all his political functions.

With regard to the tearing up of the ballot sheets by DP lawmakers during the voting process Rama said he would soon take the decision to ban plastic bags for individual use.

Asked about the decreeing process by President Ilir Meta, Rama said as long as he is waiting for a decision by country's court he remains in office. "We have taken our decision, we have dismissed him but this is a constitutional republic that has two links."

It is up to the Constitutional Court to rule of firing Meta although the majority decided so a few months ago.

The government head had a reply on the accusations of the Democratic Party  leader Lulzim Basha: "I have not heard anything but tam-tams that are understandable for a day like this which is not an easy day. It is a traumatic process for the DP and we must have patience and respect for their trauma."

DP head Basha decided to expel veteran leader Sali Berisha from the parliamentary group a decision which has been rebuffed by Berisha who announced a tough fight against his protege. /