Parliament equipped with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as part of support by OSCE and Switzerland

The Parliament and the OSCE Presence sign donation act that ensures Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Albania’s Parliament

A cooperation of the Parliament with the project ‘Support for Parliament and Civil Education’ enabled the equipment with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which facilitates and makes more efficient the work of Albania’s Parliament. The donation act was signed today by the Parliament’s Secretary General Genc Gjoncaj and the Head of the OSCE Presence Vincenzo Del Monaco, in the presence of the Speaker of Parliament Lindita Nikolla and Swiss ambassador Adrian Maître.

The Speaker of Parliament Lindita Nikolla emphasized that “This agreement will facilitate lawmaking, public consultation, security and access to parliamentary information. Albania’s Assembly is very grateful to the government of Switzerland and OSCE for enabling the construction of this system and we are confident that our cooperation will continue.”

“We commend the efforts of the Assembly to adapt to difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasising this also in our report for member states. We congratulate innovative solutions such as the VDI system that enables the Albanian Parliament to become a reference point also in the region regarding information technology that helps increase transparency and legislative  said the Head of OSCE Presence Vincenzo Del Monaco.

“This project is part of our broader Swiss cooperation programme with Albania reflecting one of its strategic objectives. I am glad today’s donation of the virtual desktop infrastructure contributes to improving the efficiency of the Parliament’s functions. Alongside other components that aim at increasing the Parliament’s transparency and accountability it strengthens Albania’s democratic process”, said Swiss ambassador Adrian Maître.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will be used by MP’s and the Assembly’s administration staff to improve communication, work remotely and facilitate the process towards e-legislation. In the context of adapting to COVID 19 restrictions this infrastructure enables a better flow of work processes. VDI provides more solutions, more security and more speed in working from both office and remotely.

This was a joint investment between the Parliament and the project ‘Support to Parliament and Civil Education’ that is implemented by OSCE and supported by Switzerland.